Looking for a Crab?


Yes, I confess, I adore shellfish. I could eat tons of it without being able to stop.

I have been looking for a good seafood restaurant in Rome for some time and finally a good tip made me find the right address: Crab.

And the name says it all. The menu has a long list of different kind of oysters plus other shellfish like clams, violets, urchins and of course crab.  We had it all and I must say everything was perfect, fresh and tasty. To follow we had a dish very difficult to find which are baby fish (gianchetti in Genoa or neonata in South Italy) cooked on the grill: a dream! You could even choose to have them fried in small fishcakes or broiled.

A plus is that the restaurant is classy without being too serious, with a nice decor, and the service is friendly, quick and efficient. The bill? The right amount for the quality fish they offer.

I will go back again on Friday this week!

Crab – Via Capo d’Africa, 2 – 00184 Roma – Tel. 0677203636


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