Bellacarne Kosher in Rome




Yesterday it was Sunday and raining a lot (at least in the early morning) so we decided to go for lunch with friends and as usual I had the task to select a new and good restaurant for confort food.

I had read in the news about the opening of a new Kosher restaurant, Bellacarne, in the center of the Ghetto in Rome, centered on kosher meat with Roman jewish traditions and family care. In fact the owners are the oldest butchers in the Ghetto.

My choice was well done :)))

The restaurant is very nice, family shabby chic style, very welcoming, not noisy with confortable tables. Service is attentive, quick and efficient. And the food is really good.

We had some antipasti: humus with ragu, wonderful fried meatballs, testina salad (cured and presses meat).

As main course  some mixed fried vegetables and meat, a wonderful “Fiorentina” steak  and what they called elephant ear, that is a Wiener snitzel but really well done. And as a dessert? Talking of confort food, a cup of pieces of diplomatic sfoglia paste covered in chantilly: paradise. And kosher wines to go with all the above. It was lot of calories but really worth it. A really good new entry and not tourist trap. Go and try.



Bellacarne Via portico D’Ottavia, 51
00186 – Roma
Tel. +39 06 68 33 104

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