Barcelona as the locals do

I have been busy lately travelling on business quite a lot but this did not stop me from investigating into new gastro adventures. Last week I was in Barcelona which is a town I adore and that in this rispect is really a mine of gold.



On day 1 I was for lunch at la Boqueria, the food market on the ramblas were not only you can look and buy, but also you can eat. Some of the side stall are standing restaurants were you can sample Spanish dishes or some of the better fish or shellfish you ever had, cooked under your nose.

What about dinner? One of my favourite spots in Barcelona, La Cerveceria Catalana. Think tapas – but all the tapas you can think of – and beer and there you are. Good food and nice environment. The long queue is a good sign but requires patience. They do not accept bookings.




Last but not least the third day the flight was late so there has been time for lunch. And here another restaurant I really enjoy, Casa Leopoldo. Third generation with the same family, used to be the favourite of Manuel Vasquez Montalban. Once in a bad area now is easily reachable from the ramblas.

Casa leopoldo2

Casa leopoldo

It is a typical Spanish tradictional restaurant offering good local dishes. I had stuffed olives, squid in a special sauce, fried fresh anchovies and meatballs with squids. But they also have a rich menu of meat dishes. To finish of course cream catalana:)

A last suggestion for a different and entertaining activity. I am not a football fan, but I went to visit Camp Nou, the Barcelona stadium. It has 100.000 seats so you can imagine the size. You can visit an intersting museum, the camp itself, the changing rooms and other parts of it and at the end 3 floors of gadgets for your souvenirs. It is worth the trip. Enjoy!

camp nou

Casa Leopoldo – Carrer de Sant Rafael 24 – Barcelona – Tel. +34 9344130 –

Cerveceria Catalana – Carrer de Mallorca, 236, 08008 Barcelona
+34 932 16 03 68


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