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Just behind the Pantheon lies one of my absolute favorite jewelers. Since 1968 Percossi Papi creates preciously unique pieces fully handcrafted in this little and magical atelier.

Since 1968 Percossi Papi creates his jewelry in a small studio at the Pantheon, in the heart of old Rome.

Continuing and expanding the tradition of the enamel, creating over time a style and a unique goldsmith school, where creativity, shapes, colors and materials become the protagonists.

His creations conjure up the colors of the Mediterranean and the forms of Roman Baroque architecture, in a kaleidoscope of contrasts between light and shadow.

Creative inspiration comes from history, which is absorbed and processed through a profound intuition and instinct, guided and supported by careful and passion from the study of ancient techniques, in which the presence of the human hand is total, but also developed their own style through a unique and unmistakable, in harmonious symbiosis between the ancient traditions and the most current and innovative trends in the fashion world.

Today his jewelry are worn all over the world by people linked to the artistic, intellectual and aristocratic. Its main production is linked to jewelry, but always creates art objects of various kinds, from furniture to accessories to Haute Couture.

Percossi Papi also designs and manufactures jewelry for many films, some of which have won international prizes for costumes.

You can also buy online and on Net-a-Porter.

Diego Percosi Papi Via S. Eustachio 16 (Panthéon)
00 186 Rome,  Italy www.percossipapi.com

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