Truffles and Porcini time

I am back! After an haker attempt to cut me off, some flu and several business trips here I am.

And with November nearly ending let’s talk truffles and porcini mushrooms. I know Tourin and Cherasco are not exactly on everybody’s doorstep but in case you are somewhere near this restaurant is worth a detour.

The name is Duvert (not sure where the name comes from) and as I said it is in Cherasco, a medieval town near Alba which is a jewel itself. It is very famous for snails gastronomy, but don’t worry at Duvert we are talking all the authentic Piedmont cuisine. And authentic is the owner, whose accent is really local 🙂


The menu is seasonal but if you go now you can try the best fresh pasta (tajarin) with white truffles on top ever.

Fried Porcini Mushrooms

A second with perfectly fried porcini will make the trick and to finish a slice of bunet, the piedmont version of the pudding with amaretti and cocoa.

The ambience is friendly and prices are correct. Mark it down!

Duvert via Moglia 12/b – 12062 Cherasco (CN) Italy – tel. 0172/487049

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