Amsterdam in the plate

Amsterdam in really a beautiful place where to spend a few days going around walking near the canals, visiting museums, eyesdropping in other people houses (no courtains at all, a paradise for the gossip!) and of course eating (this is always a highlight). The Dutch cuisine is not world famous maybe but it is rich and very tasty and also in town you can find restaurant from all over the world, lots of oriental ones.

I was there for a week on business but, you know, a poor body needs to eat sometimes.

So there you go, I have two very good addresses for you.

“Haesje Claes” is a restaurant situated in the historical center of Amsterdam, between the Spui and the Dam square, across from the Amsterdam Museum. The restaurant occupies six, epic buildings, in which the original architectural features such as little steps, corridors and hallways all have been preserved. Likewise, the exterior of the building is a beautiful example of traditional Dutch architecture. All chambers are breathing a century old ambiance, perfectly suited for a comfortable and casual lunch or dinner. The menu has both fish and meat and offers lots of typical Dutch dishes like Stamppot, traditional Dutch dish made of mashed potatoes with a vegetable, served with sausage and bacon or huge Dutch sirloin that are worth the effort to digest them!

The second one is completely different, a marvellous Indonesian restaurant called Indrapura.


It is an Indonesian restaurant which first strong point is the ambiance, light and welcoming as the orientals can be.

Then you discover the food. Indrapura’s RIJSTTAFEL menu consists an array of Indonesian food creations which evolve, disappear and return in accordance with market availability, The well experienced cooks prepare what inspires them from islands that spread in jewel of Indonesia from time to time, from mother to daughter, a traditional family tradition that has been serenading the country and the historic relation between Indonesia and the country who colonial them for 350 years, Netherlands.

You can try a variety of dishes which will be served in small plates all together on a warmer and which will satisfy all the table. Some were terribly spicy but sooooo good I tried them all. Try this restaurant when eating rich food gts too much!

Restaurant Haesje Claes – Spuistraat 273-2751012 VR Amsterdam – Tel. 0031.20-6249998

Indrapura Indonesian Rastaurant Rembrandtplein 42 1017 CV Amsterdam  – T +3120 623 73 29

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