Daily catch in your plate. Fish restaurant in Rome


My love for fish is absolute and when it is fresh or eirther raw it is even bigger. Yesterday I tried for the second time Chianppi with friends and I thought it was time to share this good address with you.

A few steps away from Piazza Fiume and Via Veneto, you can savor the genuine aromas and flavors of the sea. The wild salt-water fish from the Pontine Islands. Friendly and attentive service. That is how the Chinappi family welcome in their restaurant in the heart of Rome guaranteeing genuine flavors and bewitch with cousine. Their key are: freshness, genuineness and seasonal products. They propose the best variety of raw seafood appetizers prepared with fresh fishes, shellfishes and mollusks, from the tuna carpaccio to the gobbetti of Ponza. It’s the freshness the protagonist of the raw appetizers as well as the origin of the fresh catch fishes, guaranteed from Chinappi himself, as thay own a fish shop in Formia. That’s where the Chinappis have got their roots. Sauté of cannolicchi, marinara mussels from Gaeta, “Formiana” octopus salad, stuffed squids on bed of broccoli and more…only the best. I tried red mullet carpaccio, octopus, cannolicchi, urcins and a grilled fish so fresh it was incredible.

This restaurant is really worth a visit….if you like fish. If not it is not for you!

Chinappi Ristorante

Via Valenziani, 19 – 00187 – Roma | Tel: +39 06 48 19 005 | Mob: +39 360 61 52 19 | E-mail: chinappi@chinappi.it


Photo: Andrea Di Lorenzo (www.andreadilorenzo.it) per Cibando.

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