The best of Sicilian food in Rome

Yes, I am back. I know, it’s been a while but I have been working a lot and being both tired and lazy.

But as it is I did not stop exploring, eating and shopping. All as usual. My last best finding in terms of restaurants, is a Sicilian restaurant specialized in fish opened by a super kind and very professional guy from Catania one year ago.

Located near Trastevere station, in a side road, welcomes you in a very cozy inside room, but also has a small outdoor area, very pleasant in spite of the position. The area is not super but the good side is that it is not difficult to find a parking.

And the worm welcome repays of any trip to get there.

The menu covers all the best of Sicily but the fish is kind. I already went three time after my friend Maurizio made me dicover it and the antipasti are so many and so good that I made to the rest of the meal only once.

Raw fish, octopus, fried calamary, mussels “pepata” (with black pepper), aubergine balls, arancini, raw langustines and shrimps plus lots other small plate of delicacies are just the beginnig. Then comes the pasta: spaghetti with different fish, with sardines, with breadcrumbs and anchovies are just some. And second course… just have to chose a fish from the display.

If you are still alive at this point, an incredibly good selection of Sicilian desserts that arrive every day from Catania, including cannoli and cassate. And the wines, from Sicily as well, are top. Add to this the kindness of the staff and the honesty of the bill and you can not miss it. See you there!


Ristorante A Maidda

Via di Ponziano 7/9
00152 Roma
Tel. 06 581 6106

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