Mix a passion for the finest things, an appreciation of the best, and a great deal of curiosity and you’ll find me! Having always loved to travel, eat well and shop well wherever I am, my experience has made me an enthusiastic expert on the best in life. Over the years my friends and colleagues have understood this – hence I am their source on leisure and pleasure. I then thought about how this knowledge could benefit a great many others – through a “self service” link that could inform those striving for the best ways to enjoy every experience.
So – here we are!
Just to explain in a few words for those who don’t know me personally: my friends have been teasing me for years about how I am the source for (apparently) useless information and my Italian nickname is “Treccani” (a famous Italian encyclopedia) which literally translated means “3 dogs”. I believe my “useless” information can be very useful for many, especially for those who don’t have the time to investigate the many areas in which I am already an expert, but would like to get the best out of life.

I really hope you will enjoy staying with me every now and then – and don’t forget that suggestions for improvement, tips and ideas are always more than welcome.

Monica Campana or … 3Cani