Zia Rosetta


Rosetta is a kind of bread that has a very nice characteristic, it is very cruncy outside and has no soft part inside. It seems I am not the only on to like as in Monti in Rome they opened a place dedicated to this bread: Zia Rosetta, Aunt Rosetta.



It is a very small place but the panini they offer are just fantastic, with fresh organic ingredients and very creative mix.

Chicken curry, humus with dried tomatos, smoked salmon with ricotta and rucola, turkey with apple, salad and yogurt just to quote a few. But have a look at the menu and go and try, you will never regret it. And go back. Also a very nice thing is that they have small or normal size Rosetta, so you can try different flavours in small size (I had 4!).

And if you want to have some without going to Monti, Zia Rosetta does home delivery and even maks catering for parties. What about a Rosetta party at home?

Zia Rosetta – Via Urbana 54 – Monti – Rome – www.ziarosetta.com Tel. 0631052516


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