PAPPUP. Eco-glasses


I really would like to share my latest buy with you as it is something really different. I bought these strange pair of glasses last saturday during one of my strolls in the city center. They are called PAPPUP. They are popular not only for their design, but also for other caracteristics: they are made from an organic combination of wood leftover and are created from a single part. So they are lighweight and extremely flexible and resilient. So much so that they can easily stored in a book or in a pant pocket without breaking. Also they have very good sun protection, as they offer a UV 400 polarization filter, with anti scratch surface. The man behind the PAPP UP paper glasses is designer and performance artist Cantemir Gheorghiu, who initially started the idea off as a simple joke regarding the forced nerdy look of hipsters, especially regarding their over-sized glasses. Once inside a club, he had managed to trade his paper frames for a free drink with the barmaid and the story began.

Last news, thay are quite cheap, 50 EURO.

In Rome Ottica Mondello Via del Pellegrino or on-line at

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